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Well managed means profitable and well-developed

Finances are real asset for each person. Nobody could survive without any banks and their services. If we know how it looks then we – as Read more

Software creates modern banking

Since many years every calculations in banks was made by humans. It was slowly, so banking services was very expensive and unavailable for normal people. But these times gone and today even unemployed may create own account with wide range of online services. Modern core banking systems are created Read more

Management needs tools, solutions, brilliant ideas

Companies have to be innovative and support customers in the longer run. They must be aware of passing time and opportunity that they Read more

Programs are for you

Many of people are scared of computers. OK, they uses it in work also in homes, they knows how to e-mails, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. They can buy game on Steam and find basic information with Bing or Google. But they really knows only basic uses and they afraid to learn something more. So finally Read more

More modern system and modern ideas

Today people are more and more open to cooperation with customers. Loyalty program is building efficient network of customers that are focused on cooperation with the company. They are open to new ideas and have plenty of interests. Customers exchange opinions on products and services, deliver opini Read more

Cyprus and Greece shows, that we must be prepared

Economic crisis is really real dangerous, even for rich Europe. Events in Cyprus and (actual) in Greece shows, that our money in banks don’t must be safe. Is risk, that when banks will loose money on bad investments and loans, they government will take money from clients accounts to save banks Read more

Modernity and usefulness – bank way to success

Modern, useful, profitable are banks because they give plenty of products and services. They must be really helpful and useful. Digital services ap Read more

Why Bank Branches Are at Risk for Disappearing

With a 40% decline in U.S. bank branches since 1991 and a projected continuing decline of 25% by 2018, according to banking industry business inte Read more

Business and business people are present in the market

Business is the apple of eye of the modern world. They are still present and must be developed all the time. Word “entrepreneur” comes from French language. It is a name of an individual that operates one business or more businesses. It can be based on his or her own capital or some money that a Read more

Three Reasons You Can’t Ignore the Neobanks

Read more

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